NIXSolutions: Clearview AI To Limit Sales Of Facial Recognition Data In The US

Clearview AI, facial recognition developer, has agreed to permanently halt the sale of its biometric database to private companies in the US.


The company made the relevant decision as part of a two-year litigation with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

In May 2020, human rights activists accused the startup of violating the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA). According to the document, companies must obtain permission before collecting data such as fingerprints, facial and iris images. Otherwise, users have the right to take legal action, says Forklog.

“BIPA is designed to stop exactly the kind of wide-ranging surveillance that the Clearview app allows […] This should send a strong message to other state legislatures,” said the ACLU, which helped develop BIPA.

In addition to a nationwide ban on sales to individuals, Clearview will not offer its services to law enforcement in Illinois for five years. Federal agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies out of state will not be affected, notes NIXSolutions.

In addition, Clearview must stop supporting the police free trial program, create an opt-out page for Illinois residents, and spend $50,000 to advertise it.

Before a settlement can take effect, it must be approved by a federal judge.