NIX Solutions: AI Imitates Conversation between Philosopher and Director

Endless Conversation is a project by Italian artist and programmer Giacomo Micheli that is an AI-driven nonstop conversation between the AI ​​versions of German director Werner Herzog and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek.

NIX Solutions

If you decide to visit Micheli’s site, you will find yourself at a random dialogue point between two AIs that mimic the voices of Herzog and Zizek, says SecurityLab. In addition, both portraits on the page are also generated by AI.

According to Micheli, Herozg and Žižek’s contrived and sometimes meaningless conversation proves how accessible, cheap to produce, and high-quality content generated by AI algorithms is becoming. The artist believes that now any motivated user with a PC or laptop can make such a project, notes NIX Solutions.

Micheli stated that neither Herzog nor Žižek explicitly agreed to the use of their voices in the project, but noted that open source tools available to any user were used to imitate their voices.