NIXSolutions: EU Approves Interim Agreement on AI Regulation

EU lawmakers have recently granted preliminary approval to an interim agreement on the forthcoming artificial intelligence (AI) law. This legislation is poised to establish boundaries for AI applications across diverse sectors, ranging from banking and law enforcement to automotive, electronics, and aviation.


Regulatory Focus on High-Risk AI Systems

The proposed regulations particularly target basic language models and generative AI developed in collaboration with Microsoft OpenAI. These technologies will come under regulatory scrutiny. Meanwhile, the majority of AI programs fall within the classification of “low-risk technologies,” exempting them from the regulatory framework.

EU member states rallied behind the regulations in early February, with France securing concessions to streamline administrative processes for “high-risk AI systems” and enhance safeguards for trade secrets, notes NIXSolutions. However, major tech companies, as reported by Reuters, express apprehension, citing concerns about the perceived vagueness and generality of certain rules.

The legislation awaits a comprehensive vote in the Parliament scheduled for April, signaling a crucial step toward the formalization of AI regulations within the European Union.