NIX Solutions: Google Bard Can Watch Videos for You

Google continues to improve its chatbot Bard. Of particular note is a recent update that brings Bard integration to YouTube. Now Bard is able to analyze videos, highlighting key information, without the user even having to click on the video play button. The innovation promises to be a powerful tool, but it also raises questions about the impact of generative AI on content creators.

NIX Solutions

To test the effectiveness of Bard, a cocktail recipe video was chosen. Bard accurately extracted the exact ingredients, dosages, and preparation instructions from the video. The only slight deviation was the recommendation to shake the drink for 30 seconds, which was not in the original video. Nevertheless, the results of Bard’s work can be considered successful.

However, a problematic point arises. The recipe has already been published on the video source website, and access to it is limited by subscription. When using Bard to get a recipe from a video, the user bypasses watching the video on YouTube, including the preview video at the beginning and other recommended videos at the end, potentially reducing revenue from the creator’s content.

Currently, the feature is only available as an optional experiment within Google Labs. Some difficulty in obtaining a response limits the danger for YouTube video creators. For example, a direct request for “full recipe” from a video did not return results, while a request for “step-by-step instructions” resulted in success.

Looking forward, we can expect to see such a tool integrated directly into YouTube, sparking new discussions about how content creators can benefit from using Bard to analyze their videos, notes NIX Solutions. For now, the only obvious beneficiary is Google. The problem is not new to the field of generative AI, and the industry as a whole, including Google, has not yet found a solution. Google has not provided any comment on this matter.