NIXSolutions: Google Bard to Introduce Extensions for Enhanced Functionality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Google Bard got off to a rocky start with many features missing, such as the plugin support that ChatGPT OpenAI offers.

At the same time, Bard’s AI has gotten better since its launch (Link1, Link2), and it’s increasingly likely that this trend will continue as Google adds more features to it.

NIX Solutions

One of the features of Bard is support for extensions, and they will appear sooner than many expected.

At Google I/O 2023, Google announced that it was working on extension support for Bard, but we haven’t heard from Google since. Although it might happen very soon.

The 9to5google portal has discovered the user interface of what looks like an “early preview” of Bard’s “Extensions” capabilities. However, the extensions are currently not working properly.

However, the leak seems to suggest that Google is closer than ever to launching a preview of the extensions feature for its Bard.

The UI leak also suggests that Bard AI will have as many as nine extensions available at launch, including Kayak, Google Maps, Google Flights, Google Hotels, OpenTable, Zillow, YouTube, and Redfin.

Just as plugins extend the capabilities of ChatGPT, extensions will do the same with Bard. You will be able to cross-check some of the information provided by the AI with an extension to be absolutely sure of something. It will also help you find and book restaurants, which is what OpenTable and Google Hotels do.

At the same time, the overall experience of using these extensions may not be as good as that of ChatGPT, notes NIXSolutions. The reason is that some well-known sources such as Wikipedia, Expedia, and Zapier are missing from the list of extensions that are expected to be available at launch. However, Google could change that by making extensions available without user subscriptions, unlike ChatGPT.