NIX Solutions: Google is Developing Advanced Bard Version

Google is in the process of expanding its AI offerings with the development of Bard Advanced, an evolved iteration of its AI bot Bard. This enhanced version, set to be accessible through the paid Google One subscription, is disclosed by developer Dylan Roussel, as reported by The Verge.

NIX Solutions

Advanced Model Basis

Roussel reveals that Bard Advanced is rooted in the Gemini Ultra AI model. This fundamental shift indicates a potential leap forward compared to the current Bard version, which relies on the Gemini Pro mid-level language model. The developer’s shared screenshots highlight Bard Ultra as “a more capable large language model with advanced math and reasoning skills.”

Unveiled AI Tools

In addition to Bard Advanced, Roussel’s findings hint at Google’s work on novel AI tools. One such feature, codenamed Motoko, is anticipated to empower users to craft their own bots. Details about its functionality or potential payment structure remain undisclosed.

Potential Features and Sections

Google might introduce an AI-powered feature facilitating more sophisticated queries for the Bard chatbot. There’s also mention of a forthcoming “Gallery” section, poised to serve as an inspirational resource, showcasing the algorithm’s capabilities. Furthermore, users could anticipate a “Tasks” section, offering insights into executing complex tasks like generating images from text descriptions.

Future Availability and Google’s Silence

The timeline for these innovations’ public release remains uncertain, notes NIX Solutions. Official representatives from Google have refrained from providing comments or details on the matter.

This forward momentum in AI development signifies Google’s commitment to enhancing its AI capabilities and providing users with more advanced tools and features.