NIX Solutions: Google’s AI To Analyze Doctors’ Handwriting

Google is building an artificial intelligence model that can recognize doctors’ handwritten prescriptions. The development is reported by The Hindu with reference to the director of research at Google Research India.

NIX Solutions

Google programmers are working on an AI method that will recognize medical prescriptions handwritten by doctors. The technology involves processing a recipe snapshot using Google Lens.

HighTech notes that most medical prescriptions are written by hand, while they are usually difficult to parse, and even more difficult to remember. AI trained on a large number of prescription forms could identify and even highlight drugs in handwritten prescriptions, said Manish Gupta, director of research at Google Research India.

Even computers find it difficult to digitize recipes, because they are poorly structured, contain a large number of abbreviations and specific terms that only professionals can understand.

NIX Solutions notes that this technology will be used as an aid to pharmacists and patients. In the near future, Google promises to release a ready-made application in India.