NIX Solutions: Google’s New Personalized Chatbot Technology

Google is developing technology to create personalized chatbots that users can communicate with as if they were real people or fictional characters. Users will be able to create their own bots, customizing their communication style and personality. According to The Information, the Google Labs division is developing a product for creating and communicating with custom chatbots that can be modeled after celebrities or created directly by users themselves. Chatbots will be built on the basis of Gemini models and will allow you to set their individual personality, as well as the appearance of the virtual interlocutor. Google is considering the possibility of officially collaborating with influencers to create bots based on them.

NIX Solutions

Integration and Future Plans

Considering the capabilities of AI models to work with large volumes of data, the project will fit perfectly into the Google Labs concept and could be launched as early as this year as a separate product. In the future, it is planned to integrate this product into YouTube, which will give users the opportunity to communicate with personalized chatbots directly on the video hosting platform. This will be an experiment similar to what Meta is already offering on Instagram, although it has not yet attracted much interest from users. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments regarding this exciting integration.

Distinguishing from Other Projects

NIX Solutions notes that the new project is different from the Gems project, which is simply a customized version of Gemini for specific needs. For example, Gemini Gems will have a default yoga trainer, math tutor, and cooking guru. To create your own personal assistant, you will have to buy a Gemini Advanced subscription. Gems was announced at Google I/O 2024 in May and will be available to a wider audience soon.