NIX Solutions: LivingAI Unveils AIBI

LivingAI introduces AIBI, a contemporary iteration of the classic Tamagotchi, now revamped as a pocket robot integrated with ChatGPT connectivity. This innovative device offers both virtual pet capabilities and serves as a versatile personal assistant.

NIX Solutions

AIBI’s Multi-Functional Features

AIBI’s primary functions encompass a voice interface that informs users about weather updates and facilitates setting alarms and reminders. The integration of an AI algorithm linked to its built-in camera enables owner recognition, while a millimeter-wave radar detects human presence.

Advanced Technology Integration

Comprising three microphones within its head, AIBI adeptly interprets human speech. The robot engages in dialogue with its user, handling basic commands independently and resorting to ChatGPT for more intricate tasks. Additionally, its short-range optical communication module allows mutual interaction between two AIBIs, facilitating information exchange about their respective owners, notes NIX Solutions.

Tamagotchi Revived

AIBI reimagines the nostalgic appeal of Tamagotchi by embodying the traits of a virtual pet that necessitates care: feeding, sleep, and emotional comfort when distressed. While the cost of this multifunctional toy remains undisclosed, its diverse features promise an engaging and interactive user experience.