NIXSolutions: Machine-Generated Content Is Still Not Of High Quality

The other day, Google employee John Mueller commented on several questions on the topic of auto-generated content on Reddit and Twitter, where he voiced the current attitude towards such content.


Over the past few years, Google has repeatedly stated that if machine content reaches high quality, then the search engine may change its attitude towards it. As a result, the placement of such content on the site will no longer be considered a violation of the guidelines for webmasters. However, this moment has not yet come, says SearchEngines.

So, on Reddit, when asked if AI-based text generators are suitable for creating blog posts or product reviews, Mueller answered briefly: “No.”

NIXSolutions adds that he previously also answered a similar question on Twitter:

“Content generators/spinners have been around since the beginning of the internet. To [create content], people have used all sorts of tools and tricks… As far as I can tell, most sites today have problems creating better content and don’t need the help to create lower quality content [that AI-based tools offer].”