NIX Solutions: Microsoft Copilot Learned to Generate Music

Microsoft’s Copilot, the AI-based chatbot, has integrated Suno’s plugin, enabling the generation of music based on text descriptions, as announced in the company’s blog.

AI-Generated Music with Suno Plugin

The partnership between Microsoft Copilot and Suno facilitates music creation without the need for musical expertise. Users can bring their ideas to life by describing the desired music, allowing Copilot and Suno to handle the composition process.

NIX Solutions

To generate melodies:

  1. Accessing Copilot: Users must navigate to using Microsoft Edge and sign in with their Microsoft account.
  2. Activating Suno: Enabling the Suno plugin within the platform.
  3. Creating Music: Prompt Copilot with instructions like “Make a pop song about adventures with your family” to generate the desired music.
  4. Listening Experience: Users can then listen to the AI-generated song.

Copyright Implications and AI-Generated Content

Mashable highlights the copyright ownership nuances associated with AI-generated music. Under the free version, Suno retains copyright. However, users with Pro or Premier subscriptions claim ownership. Nevertheless, the specifics of the AI’s music creation process and its training data remain undisclosed.

Suno’s FAQ addresses the complexities surrounding copyright protection for AI-generated content. They advise consulting legal counsel due to the evolving nature of copyright laws globally.

Microsoft Copilot’s Productivity Enhancements

Launched on December 4, 2023, Copilot stands as a significant AI innovation by Microsoft, notes NIX Solutions. Designed to augment human productivity, it acts as a personal assistant during meetings, summarizing discussions, drafting emails, and creating various documents using AI models from Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise.

Microsoft’s Copilot represents a leap in AI capabilities, combining neural network models from OpenAI to revolutionize both creativity, with AI-generated music, and workplace efficiency, as a versatile productivity tool.