NIX Solutions: NVIDIA Introduces LATTE3D AI for 3D Printing

NVIDIA has unveiled LATTE3D, a cutting-edge generative AI model designed to accelerate 3D printing processes. Dubbed a high-speed virtual 3D printer, LATTE3D is capable of transforming text descriptions into intricate three-dimensional objects in less than a second.

Speed and Versatility

LATTE3D operates by swiftly crafting 3D models in a widely compatible format commonly utilized in rendering applications, video game development, advertising, design projects, and various VR and AR applications. While the concept of generating 3D models from text is not novel, NVIDIA’s innovation lies in the remarkable speed of LATTE3D’s output.

Unprecedented Efficiency

Internal tests conducted by NVIDIA reveal that while other AI models typically require anywhere from 20 seconds to over 30 minutes to generate a finalized product, LATTE3D accomplishes the task in a mere average of 400 milliseconds. Although LATTE3D is currently proficient in generating everyday objects and animals, the potential for expansion exists with the integration of suitable datasets.

Powered by NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs

Trained using NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, LATTE3D’s demo version operates seamlessly on systems equipped with an NVIDIA RTX A6000 graphics card. However, despite its promising performance, LATTE3D remains in the developmental stage, with no public release date announced yet, adds NIX Solutions.

As NVIDIA continues to refine LATTE3D, we’ll keep you updated on its progress and eagerly await its widespread availability. Revolutionizing the landscape of 3D printing, LATTE3D promises to redefine efficiency and creativity in various industries.