NIXSolutions: OpenAI Delays ChatGPT Voice Assistant Launch

OpenAI has delayed the launch of its long-awaited ChatGPT voice assistant feature to ensure it can safely and efficiently handle requests from millions of users. Initially, the launch of the function was scheduled for the end of June; now, it has been postponed by about a month.


OpenAI announced the chatbot’s voice interface in May at an event dedicated to the updated GPT-4o artificial intelligence model, which more efficiently processes text, sound, and images in real time. The company initially expected to launch the voice assistant to a small number of ChatGPT Plus subscribers but decided to take another month to “reach our launch target.”

Enhancements and Future Features

“We are improving the model’s ability to detect and reject certain content. We are also working to improve the quality of the system and prepare the infrastructure to scale to provide real-time responses,” OpenAI said. This is not the most pleasant decision for a company that seeks to maintain leadership in a fiercely competitive environment.

According to the plan, the voice assistant should become available to all paid subscribers in the fall, notes NIXSolutions. OpenAI also said that it is preparing to deploy support for video and screen broadcasting for the chatbot, promising to share more about these functions later. As a result, with the release of the voice assistant, its capabilities will be limited compared to the version demonstrated at the May presentation. For example, the computer vision function that helped AI advise the user on dance moves will not work initially.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments regarding the ChatGPT voice assistant and other upcoming features.