NIX Solutions: OpenAI Enables ChatGPT to Search Internet

OpenAI announced that ChatGPT has once again gained the ability to search the internet for information, retrieving answers directly from “relevant and authoritative” sources it cites. The Browse with Bing feature is currently accessible to Plus and Enterprise subscribers, with a commitment to extending this functionality to all users.


Internet Access and Functionality

Bing Chat, integrated into Windows, Edge, and various browser plugins, provides direct internet access, delivering real-time information similar to Google Bard. Both chatbots now include source links in their responses, a feature recently added to ChatGPT. However, this function is currently exclusive to the web version of the service and requires separate activation in the settings. While internet searches may not be lightning-fast, they still yield results, offering a valuable tool for fact-checking given the propensity of AI systems for generating inaccurate information.

Addressing Past Challenges

Previously, OpenAI had introduced ChatGPT to the internet, but in June, the Browse with Bing feature had to be temporarily disabled due to misuse, reminds NIX Solutions. Users quickly discovered that they could persuade the chatbot to provide paid content via direct URLs. In response, OpenAI implemented a user-agent string with the value “GPTBot” for the automated network scanner. This change allowed webmasters to utilize the robots.txt service file to block access to their sites or specific platform sections, addressing the issue of unauthorized access.