NIX Solutions: OpenAI Introduces Shap-E – Effortless 3D Text Modeling

OpenAI, the company responsible for ChatGPT, has taken an important step towards converting text into 3D objects. The new open-source Shap-E AI model makes it easy to create 3D models.


In a pre-release version called Point-E and released in December, users could create simple 3D point cloud models. Shap-E is much faster and generates models as “implicit functions” using machine learning. This innovative system allows you to create 3D models from 2D images and use them in other applications.

Essentially, Shap-E is a natural language responsive artificial intelligence model similar to ChatGPT, but acting as a 3D artist. It easily creates buildings, sculptures, mechanical parts, and more without requiring the user to use a mouse or other drawing tools. The results of Shap-E’s work can be used in virtual worlds or printed on a 3D printer. At present, the quality of the models may seem modest, and some of them even primitive, but there is potential for improvements in the future.

NIX Solutions notes that overall, OpenAI’s Shap-E represents a significant advance in converting text to 3D objects, allowing users to easily create complex models for a variety of applications.