NIX Solutions: OpenAI Launches Cybersecurity Grant Program

OpenAI, creator of the popular ChatGPT and Dall-e apps, is launching a $1 million cybersecurity grant program. The goal of the program is to improve and measure the effectiveness of artificial intelligence (AI)-based cybersecurity, and to develop a high-level discussion about the interaction between AI and cybersecurity.


OpenAI is inviting security professionals from around the world to collaborate to change the balance of power in the field of cybersecurity through the use of AI and the coordination of the efforts of people working for the benefit of public safety.

The program offers a range of interesting project ideas, including:

  • Development of traps for intruders.
  • Help developers build secure software by default.
  • Optimization of security update management processes.

This grant program has three main objectives:

1. Strengthening the defenders

Delivering advanced AI capabilities for security.

2. Measuring Opportunities

Develop methods to quantify the cybersecurity capabilities of AI models.

3. Raising the level of discourse

Encourage in-depth discussions about the interaction between AI and cybersecurity.

This initiative opens up new perspectives in the field of cybersecurity. OpenAI emphasizes the relevance of the well-known expression: “Defenders must be right 100% of the time, attackers only need to be right once.” However, the company recognizes the importance of cooperation in achieving a common goal – ensuring the safety of people. OpenAI demonstrates that armed AI defenders can make a difference.