NIXsolutions: OpenAI Now Allows ChatGPT to Surf the Internet

OpenAI has announced the successful completion of the beta test for ChatGPT’s Internet connection feature. This development allows all users with paid subscriptions to the service to access it.


Browse with Bing Feature

ChatGPT’s “Browse with Bing” feature is now accessible to users with Plus or Enterprise subscriptions. This feature provides the chatbot with access to real-time information beyond the knowledge acquired during its training period up until September 2021. OpenAI’s official implementation of this feature adheres to AI ethical restrictions, ensuring responsible access to web content.

Temporary Suspension and Reintroduction

Initially introduced in March, the “Browse with Bing” feature faced a temporary suspension due to incorrect content display and unauthorized access to paid content. After undergoing beta testing once again, the feature has now been reinstated.

New Features

In its latest update, ChatGPT has introduced a voice interface, enabling the chatbot to recognize voice requests and respond audibly using a speech synthesizer adds NIXsolutions. Additionally, it now accepts requests in image format, providing responses in the context of the depicted images.