NIX Solutions: OpenAI Launched Paid Subscription to ChatGPT

Microsoft invests in OpenAI. The company has launched a pilot paid version of the popular chatbot. OpenAI has given developers access to the paid version of ChatGPT Pro. The subscription price is $42 per month. But this is not the final cost of access to the product.

NIX Solutions

Recall that monetization for the company is regarded as a development tool in the long term. The subscription is called ChatGPT Professional. So, the paid version of the chatbot will always be available for use and will give at least twice as many answers per day compared to the free one. It will also feature an early preview of new features.

Since the beginning of December, ChatGPT had over a million users, and in January their number increased tenfold. And now users have noticed that in the free version, an informational message began to appear more and more often: “ChatGPT is at capacity right now”.

To maintain free access to the chatbot, OpenAI spends a large amount of IT resources and financial resources.

But the company received its investments from a partnership with Microsoft. The “multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment” statement has already been posted on the OpenAI blog. Insiders talk about the amount of $10 billion for the development of OpenAI developments in the field of artificial intelligence. The deal is that Microsoft provides OpenAI with the Azure power it needs to run AI systems. And Microsoft itself plans to use OpenAI models in existing consumer and enterprise products, as well as release new ones, notes NIX Solutions.

OpenAI has warned users that the paid subscription is a pilot launch and the cost is subject to change, as are the features of the chatbot.