NIX Solutions: Opera Browser Expands AI Capabilities

Users of the Opera browser can already interact with AI-powered features thanks to the Aria assistant integrated into the application. Now, the developers of the Internet browser have announced a partnership with Google, within which large Gemini language models will be integrated into Aria. This integration aims to enhance the overall functionality and effectiveness of the AI assistant.


The special thing about the Aria AI assistant is that it has access to language models from different developers. According to the company, the Composer AI engine used in the browser is capable of processing a user request in such a way as to determine which language model will be most effective in solving the task at hand.

Benefits and Features of the Partnership

Google called the algorithm “the most powerful model it has ever created” during its Gemini presentation last year. Since then, Gemini-based features have been implemented in many of the company’s products, and the Gemini AI bot has appeared in Android. Now Opera has announced that integrating Gemini into the company’s browser will help it “deliver users the most up-to-date information.”

The partnership with Google will also allow Opera developers to implement experimental features through Aria as part of the AI Feature Drop program. Users who have access to the Opera One Developer browser can now freely try out the new text-based image generation feature, which is built on Google’s Imagen 2 language model. Users can also listen to Aria play conversational responses to text queries, which uses Google’s text-to-audio algorithm, adds NIX Solutions.

Once the testing phase is complete, new features should be made available to the public. We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments and releases. This collaboration between Opera and Google signifies a significant step forward in enhancing AI capabilities within web browsers, promising users a more powerful and versatile browsing experience.