NIX Solutions: Samsung Launches New AI Photo Editor

Back in early July, Samsung released a new Galaxy Enhance-X photo editor in its Galaxy Store app store, information about which has spread across the Internet just now. The program is designed to improve photos in every possible way and uses artificial intelligence technologies for this.

NIX Solutions

Galaxy Enhance-X offers several interesting features. For example, a photo editor is able to fix a blurry photo, making it sharp and clear. You can also remove stripes from an image if the image was taken from a monitor screen or other gadget. An upscaling function is provided that allows you to increase the resolution and, as a result, the detail of the photo, says 4PDA.

The program also allows you to make faces more beautiful, eliminate glare and reflections, increase the brightness of images, and offers a number of other tools to improve photos.

NIX Solutions notes that you can download Galaxy Enhance-X from the Galaxy Store or from the link. The program is available for all Samsung devices with Android 10+ and One UI 2.0+, but it is not excluded that it will work on devices from other brands.