NIX Solutions: Shutterstock Introduces AI-Powered Editing Tools

Shutterstock has introduced AI-powered photo editing tools, including the Magic Brush and more, ensuring artist compensation and copyright protection.

New Shutterstock Tools

Let’s explore the latest Shutterstock tools:

NIX Solutions

  1. Magic Brush: Change images by brushing over the area and describing what to add, replace, or remove.
  2. Variations: Create alternative versions of any image or photo.
  3. Expand Image: Extend the boundaries of an image to complete the picture.
  4. Background Removal: Easily remove or replace the background.
  5. AI Image Generator: Generate images based on text descriptions, soon powered by Dall-E.

Shutterstock ensures that content created or edited by artificial intelligence receives proper compensation and copyright protection, exempting it from licensing on the site.