NIXsolutions: Siri’s Upcoming Enhancements in iOS 18

As noted during Apple’s WWDC 2024 presentation, Siri will gain expanded capabilities through Apple Intelligence technologies with the release of iOS 18. These advancements involve deeper integration of artificial intelligence, planned for next year.


Expanded Control Over Applications

Mark Gurman, a renowned columnist on Bloomberg, highlighted in his latest Sunday digest that Siri will have enhanced control over iOS applications after the release of version 18.4 in the spring of next year. This version will be available in beta in January, allowing developers to experiment with the new features early. Among the new functionalities is the ability for Siri to edit photos based on voice commands and send them to specified contacts. Additionally, Siri will be able to recognize which part of the device display the user is looking at and suggest further actions accordingly.

Future Integration with Other Apple Devices

Apple Intelligence technology will also be integrated into the Vision Pro augmented reality headset next year, as previously noted by Gurman. Looking further ahead, Apple’s smart home devices will adopt similar capabilities. These advancements will first be seen in a compact Apple desktop robot designed to work with artificial intelligence, notes NIXsolutions.

We’ll keep you updated on these developments as they unfold.