NIXsolutions: Stability AI Expanded Access to Stable Diffusion 3 Testing

The latest iteration of Stable Diffusion’s text-based image-generating AI model remains unreleased to the public but is accessible to select developers via an API and a new content creation and developer platform. Partnering with the Fireworks AI API platform, Stability AI aims to streamline access to its AI technology.


Advanced AI Model Accessible to Developers

Since February 2024, Stable Diffusion 3 has been in testing with a limited group of developers. They attest to its performance, stating it’s “equal to or superior” to other models like DALL-E 3 and Midjourney, particularly in understanding and fulfilling requests. Utilizing the Multimodal Diffusion Transformer architecture, the model promises enhanced text and spelling comprehension, add NIXsolutions.

Introducing Stable Assistant Beta

The new content creation platform, Stable Assistant Beta, offers a user-friendly chatbot interface for paid subscribers. It enables interaction with Stability AI’s advanced AI models to generate images and text. While currently undergoing closed testing with a restricted user base, the platform aims for eventual public availability. Emphasizing security measures, the company underscores its commitment to thwarting potential misuse of Stable Diffusion 3 by unauthorized parties.

As development progresses, we’ll keep you updated on any further advancements and the eventual public launch of Stable Diffusion 3.