NIX Solutions: Google Stack Uses AI to Deal With Documents

According to the developers from the special incubator Google Area 120, the new Stack application should significantly improve the algorithm for scanning documents using a smartphone. In addition, the development uses the DocAI technology, thanks to which there is a more thoughtful sorting of documents, states 4PDA.

With Stack, you can scan a document or import an existing photo from your smartphone gallery. Then, the application automatically determines in which “stack” to place each document, identifying useful information. For example, when scanning utility bills, Stack notes the date of the transaction and the amount to be paid.

In addition, users can search the entire text of the document, as well as protect documents with a fingerprint scanner. The application is distributed free of charge and, according to representatives of Google, no monetization is planned for it in the near future.

NIX Solutions notes that Stack is currently available for Android and exclusively for US users. A release in other regions is expected in the future.