NIX Solutions: ChatGPT Set Record for the Number of Users

According to analysts, the ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI is becoming increasingly popular. In January, the monthly audience of active users of the neural network reached 100 million, and the daily number of unique visitors to the service more than doubled compared to December.


According to analytics firm Similarweb, ChatGPT had an average daily audience of around 13 million unique users in January, more than double the figure from December. With the achievement of 100 million monthly active users in just 2 months of public access, OpenAI development has set a record as the service with the fastest growing user base, says 4PDA.

“20 years after the advent of the Internet space, we cannot recall faster growth in the consumer Internet application,” the analysts said.

In comparison, it took TikTok about 9 months from its global launch to reach 100 million followers, while it took Instagram about 2 years.

ChatGPT can generate literally any text, be it a scientific article, a diploma for higher education, poems, songs, and even ready-made program code. By the way, Microsoft is extremely interested in this neural network and, according to rumors, has invested about $ 10 billion in it. In addition, the Redmond corporation is going to integrate ChatGPT into many of its services and applications.

NIX Solutions notes that the basic version of ChatGPT is available completely free of charge, but this week the premium version of ChatGPT Plus was introduced with a $20 per month subscription, offering initial access to the service, faster response generation and the opportunity to be among the first to try out the latest features.